Walking in Lace.

UO blouse/ Steve Madden Boots/ f21 Lace Shorts

First off, Happy Valentines day everyone I hope everyone had an amazing day with their love ones! Just to clarify I didn't wear this today, I've just been extremely lazy to update and I have so many photos I want to share with you guys through out the week. All though now that I think about it this outfit would have been great for today! Oh well, I did snap some shots from today's outfit and will be posting it soon. 

If you look through my closet probably half of my wardrobe consists of lace so when I came across these I couldn't resist the temptation and now they are one of my favorite pair of shorts. Aside from that I don't know if I mentioned it before but one of my New Year resolutions was to dedicate more time to my blog and so far I think I'm doing a good job aside from the laziness that keeps me from turning on my computer sometimes!